You Choose

December 3, 2008 by Maxi


Remember the argument you had with your friend/lover and there was no way to settle it? You both walked away feeling kinda bad. Thing is, you knew without a doubt that you were right.

So, the next time there was a conversation you waited for the opening … and wham … you brought it up again. Just couldn’t stand to leave it alone. Had to prove that you were right. Well, is it settled? Or did it get out-of-hand? Hurt the relationship?

Then we have this situation: You have never had words but the first time you do … wow! Your friend/lover goes off on you, doesn’t give you a chance to say a word and disappears. Next thing you hear it’s nothing like what happened, plus she/he lies about you.

Well, your friends will know better and those who don’t know you will find out. Is this person really your friend? Do you want to go back for more?

Now we have e-mail, IM, blogs, etc. Oh my, the written word. Things have a way of sounding so different on paper(so to speak), not the way we intended. Especially if there is a language barrier.

Words tend to lose their meaning when translated from one language to another. They also lose their harshness. When a person from another country says something mean about us the words sound more hateful to our ears, less cruel to them. No matter if we are American, Latino, Filipino, etc.

Here is what it all comes down to: When we have words with someone we always want to win, we have to be right. It’s human nature. That’s why some of us will go back and try again; either to show the other person they misunderstood, or to prove them wrong. Yet, it never works, only makes things worse.

In the end there are two choices — being right or having peace — you choose.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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The List!!

November 20, 2008 by Maxi


Why, oh, why do we do this? We have this list of pesky little things that need to be done but we keep putting it off. Instead, we carry the list around in our purse or shoved in our pocket. It’s always there in the back of our brain—just waiting to pounce.

Something like this: It’s the end of the day and you collapse into bed. You expect to be out as soon as your head hits the pillow. Not happenin.’ You’re almost asleep when suddenly, your eyes spring open, hand slams over your mouth, it’s your friend’s birthday tomorrow. You forgot to get a card … it’s on the list.

Sooo? You live in California. She lives in Ohio.

Or this: It’s your anniversary. You spend a week getting ready. That night your man raves about dinner, the bedroom is perfect with scented candles and satin sheets, you look divine in a new negligee. Never has the electricity between you been so strong. You’re all over each other, he wraps his legs around yours and …


“Honey, I’m sorry. I forgot. I was going to get some razors but …”

Here’s my list:
– clean guest bathroom
– birthday cards Toni, Tyler
– pick up envelopes, razors
– dust spray for pc
– air freshener
– note pads
– white tissue
– make pic for Christmas cards

Toni and Tyler are my granddaughters-they live three hours away-Toni’s birthday is Dec.2- finally got card.

Having company for Thanksgiving – still haven’t cleaned guest bathroom.

What’s on your list?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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This Will Make You Happy

November 12, 2008 by Maxi


You wake up in the morning, take a quick shower, slip into the clothes of the day, rush through the make-up routine (or not) and hurry to the kitchen. Some of you have to eat, even if it’s just a piece of a toast, for others it’s only a cup of coffee or tea. Then you’re out the door.

For the most part, it doesn’t cross your mind if you’re happy or not. Life is so busy, taken up with work, shopping, bills, chores, errands, etc. Of course you’re happy. Isn’t everyone?

No. We aren’t talking “clinical depression” here, that is a medical condition. Not speaking of having “the blues” once in a while either … but going through life feeling gloomy and down. Can’t seem to feel good about things no matter what. You try to cover it up but it’s always there inside. Even if you manage to have fun for a while, the sadness returns.

Bad things happened to me when I was young; there were times in my life when I thought I would always be unhappy. Bet some of you feel exactly the same way. I don’t recall how it happened or when it happened, but there came a time when I realized that enjoying life is up to me. It didn’t come easy, took a little practice actually.

Life is an ongoing process of making choices; every day we wake up, place our legs over the edge of the bed and make the choice to be happy or sad.

This will make you happy … YOU.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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The Silent Letter

November 6, 2008 by Maxi


Dear Reader:

When Isabella ends their affair, Lance turns to his best friend. Marci advises him to leave town. After all, Isabella is part of “the family.” She will be at every picnic and holiday function. Not to mention, she is the family physician.

In the long months of separation, Lance gradually discovers that Marci is the who holds the key to his heart. After weeks of torment, he finally decides to write and tell her how he feels. This brings about a chain of events that involves the family, the police, and major television coverage.

After all, this is Lance Adam Legouri — talented, wealthy, and famous around the world.

Read Chapter One at:

… writing has been slow lately because of recent eye surgery but everything is back to normal. “The Silent Letter” is the sequel to my last novel. It is the characters who drive a story and there are many surprises in this one. Especially Lance. His new found feelings for Marci have caused him to become a hero — to everyone.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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Can YOU Afford Higher Taxes?

October 22, 2008 by Maxi


Proposed programs will mean a huge tax increase.  McCain: no   Obama: yes

Voted to give Social Security benefits to Illegal Aliens. McCain: no    Obama: yes

Will institute a socialized national health care plan. McCain: no   Obama: yes

Supports gun ownership rights. McCain: yes       Obama: no

Favors new drilling offshore US. McCain: yes      Obama: no

Capital Gains Tax
McCain –
0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home(couples). McCain proposes no change on existing home sales tax.

Obama – 28% on profit from ALL home sales. If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of your gain in taxes.

Dividend Tax
McCain –
15% (no change)

Obama – 39.6% (How will this affect you?) If you have money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will pay nearly 40% in taxes if Obama becomes president.

Income Tax

McCain (no changes)
Single making 30K – tax $4,500
Single making 50K – tax $12,500
Single making 75K – tax$18,750
Married making 60K – tax $9,000
Married making 75K – tax $18,750
Married making 125K – tax $31,250

Obama (reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts)
Single making 30K – tax $8,400
Single making 50K – tax $14,000
Single making 75K – tax $23,250
Married making 60K – tax $16,800
Married making 75K – tax $21,000
Married making 125K – tax $38,750

Inheritance Tax
Mccain – 0% (no change, Bush repealed this tax)

Obama – restore the inheritance tax

New Taxes Proposed By Obama
New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2,400 square feet. New gasoline taxes. New taxes on natural resources consumption(heating, gas, water, electricity). New taxes on retirement accounts. And new taxes to pay for socialized medicine, so we can receive the same level of medical care as other third-world countries!!

Verify above at following:


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What Costs More Than Iraq War?

October 14, 2008 by Maxi

Answer:  Illegal Aliens Cause Massive Cuts For Seniors — Also Spent For Illegals

1. $11 to $22 Billion a year spent on welfare

2. $2.2 Billion a year spent on food stamps, WIC, free school lunches

3. $2.5 Billion each year on Medicaid

4. $12 Billion a year on primary and secondary school education

5. $17 Billion a year for education of children born to Illegals

6. $3 Million a DAY to incarcerate Illegals

7. 30% of all Federal prison inmates are Illegal Aliens

8. $90 Billion a year for Welfare and Social Services by American taxpayers

9. $200 Billion a year in suppressed American wages caused by Illegals  http://transcripts!

10. $41 to $46 Billion annually over five year period for deportation of Illegals

11. $45 Billion in remittance sent to countries of origin by Illegals in 2006

Total cost is a whopping … $338.3 BILLION A YEAR

Doubters check out Snopes:

We are sharing our Social Security with Illegal Aliens who don’t pay a dime; every American should know about this.

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Free Health Care?

October 3, 2008 by Maxi

Everyone deserves a … home, car, health insurance, etc. You hear it all the time. Maybe so, but who is going to pay the bills?

In the mid-nineties banking was deregulated to make it possible for low-income families to buy homes. Now they can’t meet their obligations and we are being asked to pay their mortgages.

Does anyone ever pay your bills when times are tough?

The latest give away we are hearing about is “free health care.” Only you know nothing is free. Where will Congress get the money? We, the taxpayers.

If there are three-hundred-million people in this country and two-hundred-fifty million have health insurance why should there be national health care?

What do you think?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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